Rottweilers playing on the beach photography shoot

Charlie and Lola are both rescue rottweilers and absolutely love to play in the sea! They’re rather competitive with each other so it’s not too hard to get them chasing after a ball! Sometimes Lola gets to it first and other times Charlie, sometimes we even loose the ball so we took a rather large stash of them with us.

West Wittering is a perfect place to take dogs like these, they’re big and boisterous and even though they have the most amazing temperament they’re often misunderstood so we needed somewhere fairly quiet so they could play to their hearts content without distraction from other dogs. As Mash knows Charlie and Lola, he was allowed to come along too, not a big fan of the water I knew he’d be happy to do a little body surfing on his rather fetching frisbee without interrupting the girls’ fun! Here are a few of my favourite images from the photo shoot…

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